Dhammapada Songs






The Album

This collection of recordings is the first release from a continuing project.

The lyrics were adapted from English translations of the Dhammapada, a traditional collection of sayings attributed to the Buddha

The album can be listened to as either a collection of individual recordings, or as a suite with five parts (more ..).

I've been fortunate to have this opportunity to work on understanding and communicating some of the Buddha's wisdom. I hope that others will benefit as well.

-- Rick Ferriss, August 2010

The cover photo

The album cover photo is from an old book about Florida nature and fishing: The Book of the Tarpon, by A. W. Dimock, with photographs by Julian Dimock. Published 1911 in New York by Outing Publishing Company. A while back I had the good fortune to come across an inexpensive copy of the first edition.


The CD case

The CD case is designed to be cheap, protective and informative.



Copyright, covers, etc

The songs and performances on the Dhammapada Songs EP are copyright 2010 by Richard Stark Ferriss.


 notes by Rick Ferriss, Tampa, July 2010

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