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The Dhammapada






The Dhammapada is a traditional collection of sayings atttributed to the Buddha.

There are many English editions. (click for search results at Google Books, Amazon.com).

Noteworthy versions include:

The Dhammapada, A collection of verses. Translated by F Max Muller. - Published in 1881, this was the first widely available English translation. Available for free download.

The Dhammapada: A New Translation of the Buddhist Classic with Annotations, by Gil Fronsdal - A highly regarded recent translation. Audio editions are also available.

The Dhammapada, by Thomas Byrom - A classic 'poetical' rendering. Available in a number of editions.

The Dhammapada (Classics of Indian Spirituality), by Eknath Easwaran - A popular recent translation.


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