Dhammapada Songs





notes by Rick Ferriss, Tampa, July 2010

The cover photo

The album cover photo is from an old book about Florida nature and fishing: The Book of the Tarpon, by A. W. Dimock, with photographs by Julian Dimock. Published 1911 in New York by Outing Publishing Company. A while back I had the good fortune to come across an inexpensive copy of the first edition.

This is my favorite photo from the book. It was taken in the area of Lacosta Island, now home to Cayo Costa State Park -- one of my favorite spots for camping, retreat and renewal. The caption reads, "I prescribed the Bee Man of Lacosta for us both."

The photo seemed somehow perfect for this collection of songs. However, it wasn't until after I'd done the layout that I began to appreciate the details. Dhamma-pada can be translated as the path of truth, and the figure in the photo is cetainly journeying on a path. And this path is midway between the land and the water; midway between the air and the earth; footsteps followed by a shadow from the fire of our celestial neighbor. A confluence of the four elements of Buddha's time. A middle way. On an album of songs based on sayings of the old 'B-man' himself.

The untrimmed scan:


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