Dhammapada Songs






The two vocal versions of We are what we think can suit different tastes or moods. The 'less' version is a meandering live vocal and guitar recording suited to contemplative listening. The 'more' version is a more upbeat constructed arrangement with bass, drums and harmony. There are also instrumental versions of both songs.

Alternatively, the sequence of songs on the CD forms a 15-minute suite. In the first two tracks, the words and melody of "We are what we think" are presented in contrasting arrangements. Thousands provides an interior interlude, and the set closes with instrumental versions of both songs, inviting the listener to follow along silently or aloud.

For We are what we think this arrangement reflects the way in which the Buddha's teachings were first recorded: by oral transmission. It's a sort of tutorial. The listener is encouraged to memorize a teaching by hearing it repeated and then being prompted to recall it.


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