We don't know where Santa surfs, but there's probably a good chance that he visits some of the sites below. They've been conveniently categorized as either Santa Links or Hi Tek Links (they're in no particular order within the categories, tho). All of these sites were up and running in late December 2002.

Santa Links

Christmas Songs
A site at the Utrecht University server (Netherlands) with over 150 midi files of classic Christmas songs (multiple versions of many songs). Lyrics to about 25 songs.
Dickens' A Christmas Carol
The complete text of the classic online at literature.org/ The Online Literature Library.
Baum's Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
Project Gutenberg has thousand's of classic books online, including Santa tales like this one from the creator of the Wizard of Oz.
The Hidden Meanings of Christmas
James Arthur's Mushrooms and Mankind/ Ethno-Mycology page presents an interesting interpretation of Christmas mythology in relation to hallucinogenic mushrooms. The Christmas article is down a ways on the very long the page (search the page for "Christmas" to locate it, then do a 'select all' to make the invisible text appear). It includes a number of illustrations and blends into the author's mushroom-centered interpretation of the Judeo-Christian tradition.
"The largest Christmas Superstore on the Net" Over 5,000 products. Prices range from $0.25 to $16,945.
Custom Olde World Santa Dolls
"SantaLady" Juelie McLean makes large-sized custom Santa dolls. Her site also has lots more Santa-related links and entertainments.
Santa Claus at claus.com
"the merriest place in cyberspace" Visit the new Toy Workshop and the Elf Hall of Fame, "Elfinize" a van for Santa Claus with wild paint jobs, send E-mail to Santa Claus, track Santa Claus in his sleigh on Christmas Eve, and lots more.

Hi Tek Links

Gallery of Obscure Patents
An Delphion-sponsored site that features a selection of hi(?) tek patents (like the programmable Christmas tree on the back cover of the Santa went Hi Tek CD).
Weird and Wonderful Patents
New York patent attorneys Brown, Pinnisi & Michaels, present a selection of strange patents, plus links to other weird patent sites.
New Scientist magazine online
Santa's best resource for the (British) scoop on the latest sci-tek trends.
Wired Magazine archives
The venerable documentor of technology has lots of old articles archived online. Articles have "printing" versions that make it easy to archive a copy on your hard disk.
Artificial Life Software
Li'l critters that live in your computer. Most are set-em-up-and-watch-em-go. Not quite Pokemon, but some are trainable.
Hubbel Telescope Home Page
Great space photos. Maybe Santa browses here when he's looking for a vacation spot.
Star Trek Continuum
The Official (Paramount Pictures) Star Trek website. Lots of Sar Trek info.
Star Trek: WWW
"The mother of all Star Trek sites" The ultimate Star Trek directory, listing all homepages and mailing lists on the Net. Online since 1994.
Online Freedom Federation: About the Viacom protest
About the movement to stop Viacom/ Paramount from shutting down non-profit Star Trek pages. The sort of thing that can happen when mythology gets copyrighted (Santa keeps most of his in the public domain).

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