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songs: Cherokee Rose

Cherokee Rose
words & music © 2000 by Rick Ferriss

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verse 1:

Deep in the night

on the side of the mountain

sits Cherokee Rose

waiting for daylight

on the rocks and the moss

in the shelter of the wild rose

she can close her eyes

and remember everything's all right



And the Cherokee Rose

blooms in the springtime

at the edges of the mountain

in the thickets and the fields

in the moon and the rain

in the bright sun shining

the Cherokee Rose

it climbs on the great earth's wheel


verse 2:

And Rose don't know

if she's ever gonna get there

it can feel so close

but be far away

but she can't look back

and she can't look sideways

she's got to sneak through the night

and hide in the bushes all day


Notes on Cherokee Rose

An amalgamation of stories from various friends with Cherokee ancestors. The cherokee rose reportedly was a common plant in Cherokee country when Europeans first came. It it appears to be a native of China.

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