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songs: So Certain

So Certain
words & music © 2000 by Rick Ferriss

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when I'm so certain

so hard to get through to

there isn't anything that you can tell me

I don't think I know


but when we were together

and the world was so bright

so many memories held me so tight

I didn't really know just where I was

I didn't really know just where I was


but here

there's no falling down

there's no fooling around

there's no leaving town


and where I want to be

there's not so much wrong and right

I've gotten back my apatite

I get a kiss goodnight


it really isn't over

there's just a knocking at the door

I could have left it open

but this has all occurred before

and there's something that I need to do

because I love you

I love you


Notes on So Certain

An indeterminate love song.

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