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songs: Waves Sing

Waves Sing
words & music © 2000 by Rick Ferriss

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verse 1:

As the wind filled our sails

in the roll of the tide we were bound for the open sea

Were no storms nor no gales

could dissuade us from our journey

And we were steeped in the lore of the beast that we sought

and we were sure of reward for the whales to be caught

and we beseeched to our Lord leave us kill as we ought

where the waves sing


verse 2:

My harpoon pierced her eye

but she rolled to the lee pulled the rope off the cleat ont' my leg

I was dragged o'er the side

and she dived for the cold dark deep

And my ears they were screaming in pain as she dove

and my head crushed in flames and then my old life was gone

but a spark passed into her next calf to be born

where the waves sing


verse 3:

Now I move with these whales

and I sing with the tide as we swim through the open sea

There're no storms nor no gales

that can dissuade us on our journey

But I can hear when the humans have drawn near our course

and I know they can kill but they draw me so close

there's a memory inside me that draws me so close

where the waves sing


Notes on Waves Sing

An historical fiction whaling song with a little reincarnated twist.

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